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As the President of Eminent Future, a digital product and innovation company focused on creating societal change, Isaac lead his team to win over $13B in federal contracts with the Pentagon, White House, and Department of State. He led software development teams for both President Obama and President Trump. He goes by Future President because he plans to run for office in the early 2030s and is passionate about helping to upgrade democracy, create pathways for more people to create generational wealth, and break generational curses using technology.


Entrepreneur. Veteran. Servant of God. Futurist.

Innovate Faster

Isaac is developing an artificial intelligence platform to revolutionize how governments worldwide purchase goods and services. With Isaac’s help, governments will be able to operate more efficiently and effectively, benefiting taxpayers everywhere.

Uplift Nations

Isaac is using Web 3 to upgrade democracy so that America and its allies can stay competitive against their adversaries. His work is essential to improving the quality of life for future generations.

Democratize Food

Imagine a world where everyone had access to the freshest, most nutritious food possible. That is the vision that Isaac is working towards. He is on a mission to bring innovative technologies and techniques to the masses so that everyone can grow their own crops.

Impactful & Inspirational


You’ve just found one of the most exceptional minds in business today. Isaac has an incredible ability to take complex topics and make them relatable and understandable for everyone. He’s also an inspiring speaker who motivates people to reach their full potential. And he’s not just all talk – his message is driving results and changing lives all over the world. If you’re looking for someone who can motivate a crowd of thousands or a group of eight in a boardroom, Isaac is your man. He’ll inspire your audience to thrive and show them how to sustain peak performance. So if you’re looking for an exceptional speaker on the topics of innovation, business, mindset, and technology, you’ve just found him.


Isaac is a digital product creator who has helped more than 1+ million people in the past two decades.


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